Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Better than...

A pan of caramel brownies.
Fresh baked bread.
The ocean.
A handmade quilt.
A tan.
Ice cold watermelon.
A fresh salad.
Being skinny.
A good conversation.

She is better, so much better.


Jennifer said...

I LOVE her lips and hair!

I bought a set of those swaddle blankets...they're awesome. :)

Carrie and Jeff said...

Babies really are so much better than everything! She's beautiful.

Team Bowers said...

I believe it!

Laura said...

It's so true! I look at Bella & think the cellulite was totally worth it! Love her hair :)

Emily said...

OH she is so yummy! I bet you can't get enough of her. Aren't babies the best!

Lisa said...

I just want to snuggle with her!

Jodi said...

Don't forget chocolate...she is precious!

Celeste said...

So gorgeous!