Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A few things.

Cranberry Slushie from Sonic. Such a better alternative to going out to the backyard for a handful of fresh snow. When your baby is taking all the water you drink and using it to fill your massive internal balloon, you get reallll thirsty.

Went to the DMV with all three children and belly at approximately 4pm. Grace fell off the counter, Lillie was eating fishie crackers off the floor and almost escaped out the exit while I was trying to register my car. I had to run (not a pretty sight) after her with a village worth of Utahns staring at me in their seats. Why did I leave the stroller in the garage??? Then they all had to use the bathroom on the way out, which was pretty nasty by the way. And Lillie hit her head on the bathroom door jam. All together, a pretty eventful day.

We got a regular bed for Lills and I set up the crib in our room for the new baby just today. As I was in the opposite room rocking Lillie for her nap, I gazed through the cracked door and saw Grace sitting on the edge of my bed, cradling a teddy bear. She was gently rocking it. After a minute, she got up slowly and laid her teddy in the crib. As she walked out of the room, she got my eye and gave me a smirk. What a girl.

What is it about washing baby clothes and folding them? And newborn blankets? And buying little tiny diapers and even little nose suckers and nail clippers. And the most beautiful butterfly crib sheet. Baby obsession continues.


Hannah said...

OH my gosh, I think it was my fault that the stroller was in the garage. When I took everyone for a walk, I didn't put the stroller in the van! SORRY.
You have to admit, it made for a great post:)

Alisa said...

What is it with DMV's and pregnancy? I hate every minute there-in every new state-and almost flunk my license test-every time. I blame it on the belly.

But, what a lovely excuse, huh? Hang in there. Lilly should have come home with me. I'm sure she's not the first child to eat crackers off the DMV floor.

Lillie said...

Cranberry slushie? YUM. That sounds divine.

I blew my nose a little when you caught me off guard with the image of you running pregnant after your girls... good laugh. Because I remember the image of myself too well.

Lillie in a big girl bed? I'm still milking Mila's crib. Now I feel weird.

I'm so excited for you--- and all of the baby paraphanelia (don't know how to spell it and no spell check here) I love the booger sucker. Totally reminds me of those first nights home with Sophia.

Oh and I've got a txt for you in the morning... you'll never believe where I'm going this weekend.

Carin said...

So glad to know I'm not the only mom who has had days like that in public!! Even with the rest of the world watching you and making judgment calls, just know the Lord knows and understands and loves you all the more for your willingness to stand for motherhood and eternal principles. Bless you, Sarah!! These precious days of little people will pass away all too soon. Mine are now between 19 & 5 and babies, toddlers and preschoolers seem miles and miles away.

Jennifer said...

You are brave to take them all to the DMV. I'm glad you managed to survive even if it wasn't pretty! I don't know if I could have done it.

Lilly has a big girl bed...wow! It still seems like just the other day when I went to your house and she was a newborn!

I'm SOOO thirsty...right now! Did the newborn diapers get smaller? Why do I not remember them this small? The baby stuff is so cute.

cowgurs said...

oh i like this post:) misery loves company!