Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Damage.

Came out of my room after a 45 minute doze... of course interrupted every 5 minutes, but I went back to sleep every time.

I usually get a little nervous when I get up to survey the damage.

First up, the bathroom, a few pieces of wet toilet paper on the floor. Toilet seat has droplets of water on it. Water is a slight yellow color. Not a good sign. Bathroom vent cover is in the garbage can.

Two tubes of toothpaste strewn on the counter, one is missing it's cap. I assume it has either been flushed or thrown behind the toilet... but can't locate it. Purple liquid soap container is lying on it's side in the sink along with some piles of liquid soap all around.

Moving right along.

Lillie is sitting in front of the TV with a chip in her hand... so hand in toilet, air dried, then eating a chip. Just don't think about it... I wash Lillie's hands. Walk past the computer, there are finger prints all over the screen. I discover my keyboard and mouse extremely askew. There are three "untitled folders" on my desk top that have recently been created by baby girl smacking the keyboard like a piano a few times. There's a few open videos... So Ruby's been in iphoto snooping around, watching our old videos. Ruby's put on Cinderella and is watching it about an inch away from the screen. There's chips on the floor.

And my favorite pair of earrings are bent and lying on the table, lifeless.

Think that's about it for now.


Jenni of the Great Salt Lake said...


When I come next I am bringing child-locks for the doors and some other solutions for what ails you. Poor Sarah.



Amy and Sean said...

Have I ever told you that your blog entries bring me great joy? They remind me how similar all of our lives are and that we all have these wonderful experiences and that life isn't always as perfect as most people's blog entries make it look! Thank you for making me smile : ) I miss you guys...won't you come back to Florida?

Lynnie said...

As I read this, I'm sitting in a fancy hotel in Richmond, VA, eating a Doubletree Hotel cookie, surfing the internet kid-free. We're on a getaway for 24 hours to see the play "Wicked" and I'm in heaven.
But I'm totally feeling for you. Totally!

Diana said...

(I just got up from my doze and haven't had the guts to do the survey yet)
It's amazing how many thoughts run through my head as I read this.
Was it worth it?(the nap)
Hope the lost toothpaste cap wasn't flushed and you don't have flushing issues.
Thank goodness it was yellow water and not brown. (Been there, done that-hands and more)
Yay! No obvious computer damage! Yay it's chips and not strawberry jam. They can be cleaned up without too much fuss.
Sorry about the earrings..can they be resurrected?
Thanks for indulging while I relate. :)

kmh said...

once i woke to the nice smell of baby powder. come to find out, to my horror, my 3 and 4 yo were spraying my 'baby soft' shaving cream into a fan while it was spinning. the room smelt nice, but it was one heckuva mess.

Kristy said...

Sarah-That was hilarious, if only we had a dollar for every time something like this happened, right? Lately, when I survey after naps or prolonged periods of time in my room, like 5 mins, there are chairs all over the house strategically placed by counter tops, shelves, in a bathroom somewhere, pantry, etc. Lucy's most likely always the culprit and somehow has a yummy snack that I had "hidden" watching Snow White. The worst was the day after Buck got back from the US and had brought me only 1, that's right 1, candy bar that I LOVE. Lucy finished it off without even a blink of an eye. Buck was really sad for me and all I could do was laugh though my tears. Oh kids! They're are SO naughty. :)

Dee said...

Don't tell Mick but my new study regime is to go to Mum's to study each day. That study schedule involves a nap at least once a week. No wee smell, no cereal crumb, no kids. Dreamy.

Brooke Bowen said...

Life as a mom... I love that! Thanks for initiating the GNO this week. It should be the first of many great nights!

Celeste said...

Oh Sarah... I love hearing you talk about this so that I know I am not the only one. And somehow it sounds so funny... when really I'm sure you were screaming inside!