Sunday, February 07, 2010

Most of the time.

My three treasure troves. All lined up watching a movie. All under one roof, still entertained by similar things. Lillie just starting to care about movies, Grace still interested in cartoons. mmmm. I imagine sitting on the couch in a few months, fifteen feet away, with my newborn daughter lightly breathing into my neck. It's going to be great. Most of the time. And I'm fine with most of the time.

Do you ever look at your babes, really look at them, and let their beauty wash over you? It's too much to handle most times. I think it's their milky white skin. Or how deep their eyes go. The way their hair sticks to their forehead. And my love for their lips is quite a heavy weight. And they deliver. They let me kiss them half to death. Especially that Ruby, she always has.

Grace goes back to school in the morning. She gives me a smirk when I bring it up, every Sunday evening, while I do a fake cry about her returning in the morning. She rolls her eyes a bit, giggles, and asks to make sure I'm including a juice box in her lunch.

And life just goes on and on.


Laura said...

So true- it's a sad day when they don't let you smother them with kisses! Sometimes lately Bella gets annoyed with me- she's too young for that :(

The Wright Crew said...

That is so true. Life goes on... they are such cuties

Ash said...

Love it!!!

Love seeing the little bits of your new house too!!!

Lindsey said...

Andy was just telling me what he likes best about your pictures-yes we both stalk our photographer's blog-:) is that you take pictures of your kids doing everyday things and really capture the moment. Love, love, love all your pics!