Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Trash Day.

I always get a little excited on trash day. Getting rid of stuff excites me in general, so trash day is just a little joy I get once a week when They come and take away all my meticulously collected recycled items and not so meticulously collected trash. Phew, I think, a little lighter today.

My sentimental mind also dwells a little too long on how fast time is going, especially on trash day. How fast Wednesdays come and go. I swear, I just did this, yet another week has trudged by, and where was I? Looking out the kitchen window in a stupor? Was my head buried in my pillow (surely not)? And now everyone in my life is a week older. And all those mundane tasks like trash day will blend together, meaningless, as I may just as well be 60 years old with how fast this is all going.

Makes me question the things that take up my time. And who tells me they need to? How I want to change my schedule of importance. I think I'll change a little today. Let the laundry wait. Call my mother and my grandmother. Braid Ruby's hair and just stare at Lillie while she talks complete nonsense. It's all so fleeting.

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you for the names! You have helped me immensely.


The Wright Crew said...

and i forgot.... i liked Claire

Lori said...

I love trash day too! Purging the unnecessary! How the heck are you anyway? What can we do for you guys? Are you settling in okay?

Dee said...

I think about the passage of time also on this auspicious day each week. and when i forget to put out the rubbish i have this weird sense that i have cheated time and everything is going in slow motion.

Garbett Family said...

I'm glad you enjoy trash day. However, I don't believe anyone can truly appreciate trash day unless they have little boys. Friday mornings are a big deal in our house. We set up a few camp chairs in the drive way, have fishy crackers and juice cups handy and spend the morning watching. Watching trash trucks. This is what one and two year old boys LOVE. We are extra lucky. There are three trucks--one for garbage, one for recycling and one for green waste. And,they go on BOTH sides of the street. Six trash trucks. You have no idea what the excitement level is! The really cool trash truck drivers even wave back. Happy trash day!

Diana said...

I also love the purging and trash day (get to put it out tonight--yay!)

I forgot to mention that I love Claire as a name, and also like Hazel and Mabel. Good Luck! Thanks for inviting our opinions.