Saturday, December 26, 2009


We look tired because... we are.... always!

A Smylie Christmas is one of the most momentous events of the year. Christmas Eve included a "re-enactment of the Nativity". All parts played by the grandchildren, ages six and under (mostly under). Before and after, we ate.

Christmas day, Santa Claus (or possibly an uncle) came to visit our throng. Lillie was not impressed. She let us know immediately. The rest of the day was beautiful, as we tried to sum up another year's worth of love and admiration in the giving of gifts to each other. We can never do enough for Nana and Papa Smylie, they always blow us away. After the gift giving, we ate an italian Christmas dinner that didn't stop until well into the night.

I love Jake's family so much! We were sad to wake up this morning and realize it was all over until next year. So we went to the mall. BAD DECISION.

Hope everyone had a great one.


Anonymous said...

#5 Shelley

WOW!!!My heart is full to overflowing with gratitude looking at the family photo...we all belong together...we did good thing. Love to all

Kristie said...

Love to you all. xo

Jennifer said...

That's awesome to have so many people together for Christmas. All the babies are getting so big.

I missed you and your girls today ....already! I don't see Jake much anyway. ;)

Abby wouldn't even let me put he on Santa. I was seriously afraid that if I put her on him that she would hurt him. She's pretty strong when she's flailing and kicking her entire body all over the place. lol Love Lil's picture. :)

Jodi said...

We love all the Smylie's too! Happy New Year!

Jessie said...


Celeste said...

I love the family photo.. and you don't look too tired! You look great. and I love the photo of Lillie!!! SO cute... although I'm sure it wasn't so cute at the moment.