Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sick Days and Holidays.

Girls have been sick this week. I hate the crankiness, but love the quiet drawing at the table. And the long naps they take. And I love rainy days when Grace is out of school for the week and we have nothing planned. We are home together with their little (or big) noises being absorbed by the walls of our home, eating together, cleaning, playing and just living. 

We are feeling better just in time to spend the day tomorrow at our Nana's house for Thanksgiving. We are so lucky to be around so many people we love. My sister Rachel arrives tonight to spend the weekend with us as well. Tomorrow she turns 32 and I am only 18 months younger than her. And you know what that means... I'm never too far behind.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Team Bowers said...

too bad sick days and holidays are usually in the same sentence.....thanks for all your super sweet emails! :0) Happy Thanksgiving!

Dee said...

There's the tiniest piece of me that feels guilty for objectifying my kids when I take photos of them in distress. But these types of images are so real I'm drawn to them.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Jessie said...