Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Say, for instance, that your pants don't fit anymore. What do you have left? Really think about it. A cotton skirt and a few sweats that you wear as pajamas, that's what. Do you get groceries wearing sweats? mm, maybe, or maybe you choose to stay home because you look like you're still wearing a halloween costume. And now that you're confined to your own home, folding laundry is out of the question because the couch has a magnetic pull that it didn't have before now. So, so odd.

On a lighter note, I live with her:

Thanks for the congratulations on our new baby coming. Thank you, thank you! You are so wonderful.


Laurel said...

blast that i got behind on my google reader.


i love that i get to pretend we are know the kind that go to lunch or the kind that would drop off a little "i'm sorry you want to throw up but YAY YOU" gift.


Celeste said...

And then what do you do when your maternity clothes are no long comfy?... And that couch sucks you in even stronger than those first few weeks?!!

ariana said...

I watched a very-soon-to-be-mommy waddle out of Kroger's the other day and explained the difference between sympathy and empathy to Derick. I used to think "Oh that poor woman." Now I think, I am so glad that pregnancy hormones poke holes in your memory.

Jessie said...


Baby Coffee said...

Congrats! Do you feel different this time around, as in 'boy different'?