Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Missing something.

Do you think I need a new dustpan? Do you?

What possessed my husband to run over/step on/throw/smash (who really knows what happened out in the garage that night) my $3 dustpan? What might be the momentus events leading up to such destruction? Did this have to happen?

And the biggest question. Who leaves a smashed up dustpan leaning respectfully against the cement wall of the garage without-a-mention of it's demise? WHO? Just leaning there next to it's broom whistlin' dixie like nothing in the world is wrong.

So now I'm using this dustpan as is. Yes, I buy $10 per block mozzarella cheese but I don't take the time to replace my dustpan. That I use EVERY SINGLE DAY.

It's just the way my mind works (or doesn't).

But seriously, WHO? and WHY?


Kirst said...

I love how you always make common, everyday things into exciting stories. And, the $10 mozzarella / $3 dustpan sounds like my apartment. I bought a bunch of ingredients to make salsa but didn't even have a cutting board so I used an extra microwave tray. Why don't I just buy a cutting board that I would use all the time? But who cares...not me...well, until I make salsa again. ;-)

Anonymous said...

#5 Aunty Shelley

I know! aren't we weird it is a world wide phenomena how we put up with things that are cheap to correct but we just don't!!!!
Love from this side of the world Shelley xoxox

Megan said...

It's because we want to eat the $10 mozzarella and the dustpan is boring and non-edible. At least that's what it is for me. I do things like this on a regular basis.

kristen said...

Oh the rudeness! :0)

What you need is a dust buster. Sure they aren't $3, but they are fantastic, esp if you are using your dustpan everyday. Makes those quick clean-ups, even quicker! (can you imagine!)

Have a great day!

The Medleys said...

Sarah. Gideon and I have been sitting here for the past five minutes feeling like we are on an acid trip. Your picture has totally tripped us out. I thought the black thing was the dust pan with a whole in the middle. Gideon saw it for what it truly is. But still...what the heck?! We don't quite see it.

badknee said...

katie, im with you!! i was hoping that if i just stared at it long enough, i would be able to see it but......i dont!!