Sunday, August 09, 2009

Living her life and abusing me in the process.

I don't recognize her anymore, the baby who was once so new. She had little to think about then besides bowel movements and sucking.

But those days are gone.

She has been bossing us all weekend and we are all very afraid.

Just about anything sets her off. Even moments after she wakes up, when she should be her happiest, she's like a convict fresh outta jail. A convict that is not too embarrassed to have a red face and pulsing neck veins.

She's 13 months. And if she could, she would shout it out to the world.

p.s., Go leave a comment on Jake's sister Jessie's blog (HERE). She loves comments. It would literally make her day. And if you don't know her, don't worry. She loves hearing from new people!


Baby Coffee said...

Teething? Tired? Hopefully this is just a phase! You can always hold out hope on phases.

kristen said...

She can come here and boss us for a while!!!!!! LOOOOVE her and all of you!!!! Beautiful picture by the way!!!! :)

Lillie said...

She sounds like only one of the coolest 13 month-olds. Clearly.