Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Great Endeavor

My little word to the wise:
Don't look at a photograph like this and listen to "Forever" by Ben Harper. Don't. Unless you want your face to look like you have a hangover tomorrow morning.

Do you want to know something amazing? Jake was working on his jeep tonight and up the rainy gutter flopped a catfish. It must have come from the lake just in our backyard. I pleaded with Jake to put it back into the lake, which involves a dangerous trudge through our "wild florida jungle" out back. You start to wonder what lives back there when you see a five-foot circular indentation in the tall weeds. What is that big? What is that heavy? I boycott the thought...

So we were discussing what to do with the fish so it wouldn't die anywhere close to our house (for the smell). My husband, the one who used to light scorpions on fire just for fun in his younger years, picked up the catfish between two pieces of cardboard (from the recycling bin endeavor that he so lovingly supports), gingerly walked all the way down to the shore, and let the little guy go, whiskers and all. He did it for me. For me and the house full of girls that would have cared for that fish immensely had they been awake.

I couldn't be more in love with him than at this very moment.


Clarke and Kamie said...

oh that picture is a keeper!!! and that first day of school post??? a heartbreaker! WHY oh WHY do they get old?

Ash said...

That is hilarious! I can't believe it! A catfish?

Team Bowers said...

Yes, that is LOVE!!