Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Day.

It started with lots of rain. We stuck to our meal+snack schedule (as opposed to eat whatever you want whenever you want). The girls loathe order, but it has to happen. We turned off the TV today and did lots of playing (while Mommy did not play, but cleaned, did laundry and read). We battled through Ruby's Period Of Excessive Emotional Outbursts, which usually hits us around 3:30 p.m. I am happy to report that everyone is still alive.

The day ended with the blessing of our beautiful new cousin. Prompt bedtime followed including a multi-dimensional story about a fairy who lives in our furnace closet. What's her name? What color shoes? What did she say? What does she eat?, they asked. Jake does not support fairy stories near bedtime, he says I get them too worked up. I suppose he's right.

(But the girls needed to know that her name is Rosetta and she was wearing green shoes. Which, I know, doesn't make all that much sense since Tinkerbelle's color is green. But I think they traded. And I think she uses wrapping paper for curtains and is very afraid of people. But she talks. And she knows everyone's names. And she was very pleased to find out she shares her house with a bunch of little girls. And if you listen very closely during dinner, some of the things we say make her giggle.)


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Sharry said...

does rosetta know phillip?

LuCDay said...

Your kids have yummy lip!

Latisha said...

Such a fun post! Great memories!