Sunday, July 12, 2009

In Review.

Swirly and Romantic.
A Family Greeting.
Two very different congratulations.
My new sister.
My brother at the luncheon. Wearing a wedding ring.
First dance.
My brother Jared and his soon-to-be, Lynn.
Clinging to my arm, sunscreen in her eyes, mosquito bitten face, a disheveled mess. Or in other words, Lillie.
Me and my long time friend, Laurel.
Loving Lillie.
Dad cutting watermelon on a barbeque.

My sisters reading about Michael Jackson.
My neice and her hired help.
My sister Rachel teaches Mom and Miriam the moon walk. In the middle of squaw peak road. While Dad fixes the busted radiator.
My sister's beautiful face.
Bring on the thin air and nosebleeds. I can take it.
The hiking group (broken down car group, rain group, thunderstorm group).

Obviously, I had a great time. Didn't get a lot of great shots of the wedding party since I had a 25 lb. Nazi bossing me around. She's relentless! And is neither merciful or gentile!

I would like to publicly thank Delta Airlines for their toffee cookies. They kept the Nazi occupied.


kevin said...

so it totally wouldnt be a Medley trip without massive car troubles along the way. No worries though, once im ruler of the world, ill hire you guys a 24 hour mechanic so your dad can take a break.

Kristie said...

I'm sure you soaked up all that family love and passed it onto your girls.

Team Bowers said...

Have I ever told you I want to be a part of your family and I am in love with Lillie and her cuteness? Your new sis is gorgeous as are your "old" sisters and yourself. The pics are great as always! How can I be a part of all that fun!?!

ariana said...

At least Nazis come in absolutely adorable packaging these days.

jakenapril said...

looks like a fun trip. LAUREL!!!! oh, how is she...gorgeous as ever! now i really need to search through my old photos. remember when we were at her wedding in portland? that wasn't so long ago, or was it? as always, great pictures! and i think lillie was a big hit...she's a real schmoozer isn't she? nazi or not...a schmoozer.

Jessie said...


Heidi said...

I hear you on the 25 lb Nazi boss

What temple is this? It looks a tiny bit like Draper, I was at a wedding there too this weekend...

LuCDay said...

My favorite one is of your Dad's head under the hood and the girls moon walking on the street. It just makes sense. Loved seeing you and your fam!

badknee said...

wait a sec....i totally took that picture of rachel and kayla!!! i remember!!!

missy said...

That last photo is my favorite. It made me feel like I knew your family, completely. Even though I don't. I still sort of feel like I do.

Celeste said...

LOVE the moon walking picture the best! What a great time.