Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Handling it.

How do people handle more than 3 children?
(Although the thought has crossed my mind)

Today I woke up and a thousand tiny elves were pulling at my shirt sleeves and asking me insignificant questions in their chirpy voices.

And they were all coincidentally thirsty at the same time.

So I came up with a logical solution. Eat Cheet-os for breakfast and go swimming until naptime.

It worked! Elves are eating Sammies and watching cartoons, Tiniest One is napping and I'm sitting here in all my greasy sunscreened glory.

Time for a shower.

Happy 13-month Birthday to my Lillie girl today!


Jessie said...


Debbi said...

Sarah, I love you! I have to admit that I finished my Noah's mini bag of cheeto's when he wasn't looking...it was their morning snack. I am constantly saying "how many mommies do you have, how many things can I do at once?" I love it though and when I see them laugh or smile at me I think I want a whole sports team of them:)

jakenapril said...

wow! your alarm clock (heh heh) sounds just like mine...only mine's named ashton and he shouts "chee-os, mommy!" until i finally him some cheerios. maybe i should give him cheetos?!?

i was thinking about this very same topic today...while my kids WHINED. hmph! i'm good with 3...it kicks my butt.

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missy said...

Can I be your neighbor???