Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Late Night.

All is finally peaceful in our house. There were problems tonight. It started this morning when after a fitful night with four people sleeping in our two-person bed, our alarm went off and caused me to NOT move a muscle. Glancing at the clock I realized my window of opportunity to get Grace ready for school on time was gone and forcefully buried my worn out face further into the pillow. And oh how nice that felt.

So Grace and Ruby slept in. And Grace was late. Tonight, they were not tired at 7:30 like normal. Oh no. They took that extra energy, added a dose of daylight savings delirium and stayed up until 10:30. Get freaking real. After losing my patience a billion times, I recoiled and climbed up into Grace's precarious top bunk to breathe her in for a moment. She was puffy, lips very red, her black hair all over. She mumbled something about fires, how they worry her. "Have you seen one recently or something?" "No Mommy, but I remember one from camping and I don't like them. They burn you". Hm.


Grace: "Were pioneers the first people on the earth?"

Me: "No, probably Adam and Eve."

Grace: "Adam and Eve did not make the right choice, did they, Mom?"



LuCDay said...

What does go through their minds all day long?

Kristie said...

Why is that they always get their second wind at bedtime.

This week I have tried to cut out the bedtime sillies by sending one of the boys to our bed to fall asleep and then transferring him to his own bed when we want to go to sleep. This hasn't completely cut out the nonsense but it is less, and in my mind that's a win!

Photography by Anna Knudsen said...

Thanks for your praise! Likewise I love your photos and especially your talent for telling a good story about life and love and three precious girls. Too bad you and Lu aren't closer, we could be an unstopable force as a photography team ;-)

Jodi said...

With all of that you still came to my aid...too thoughtful, thanks!

The Adamson Chipmunks said...

Thanks, I needed a good laugh today! Sure miss you!