Monday, December 22, 2008

Planes, Trains, Automobiles, Amoxycillin, Benadryl, Advil.

We are back from our journey, me and Lill. It was her first time on a plane and she did okay. Remind me next time: bring extra diapers for the plane ride home in case she does multiple diarrheas in reaction to antibiotics for her double ear infections (just remind me!). We flew into town to greet my sister Hannah who incidentally LOVES my daughter...
And I got to see this little nugget again! She is to die for. Who knew how much I could really love a neice?

The cute couple riding the train from Salt Lake to Sacramento on the way to their wedding... sort of romantic, isn't it? Let me tell you what's not romantic. Falling off the train seat in the middle of the night and bruising my precious back fat on the metal footrest. So not romantic.

A few bridal shots I took in Provo before we left.
Here's Dad giving her a little advice. "Wait awhile before you start a family" was most likely included there somewhere.
My brother the photog, lookin' fine. He's single, anyone? Anyone?
My grandmother, my mother, Miriam, Aaron, my dad.
These ladies are the loves of my life. Our time together is always so short.
Now that is the face of a girl excited to be married.

Miriam has always been the quiet middle child in our huge family. She's slightly withdrawn, agreeable, insurmountably gifted in music and intelligent. She met her match. He is lucky to have her and likewise. A great love is a beautiful thing to witness.
Wild Side confirmed.

Jacob survived thinly while I was gone, eeking out the minimum to survive. The girls' hair was very tangly, the car very messy, but the house was clean and the girls were healthy. And that's all I ask! He never complained to me once and it only further proved what a wonderful father he is. Thank you to Ashley and my other mother, Donna for helping!

I was surrounded by people whom I love so passionately and I return to Florida only to be surrounded again by more people whom I love. I feel lucky, tired and full to the brim with fresh memories.


Megan said...

It all looks so lovely. Coulda been more lovely if only we would have met up.

kevin said...

I can take some sweet pictures. When do I get my check?

Kristie said...

Yeah, your home and blogging.

Looks like you had a wonderful time home with your family. The the shot of you girls is gorgeous, even with the addition of green gum in Miriam's mouth.

Hope Lillie isn't in too much pain.

Merry Christmas

Celeste said...

Again.. it was so fun seeing you. Your sister looks so beautiful and I'm so happy for her. I love the picture of all you girls.

Team Bowers said...

You were at the Sac Temple? That's where we moved from. We lived in Folsom. WHo did your sister marry???? We totally helped build that temple and landscaped and cleaned all that fun stuff! Awesome!

jaredmedley said...

Sarah, you have no more reason to tell me you aren't a good photographer. Your photos from the wedding are amazing. Love them. I want to see more.

Lisa said...

The photos are beautiful! I especially like the one of the couple on the train. Sorry about the plane ride...and I hope her ears are doing better.

kristen said...

Beautiful pictures....looks like an aweseome time!!! Sorry she was sick. Can't wait to catch up with you!!!

LuCDay said...

Miriam is such a cutie, glad you made it without any problems (besides Lillie's diapers on the way home I guess). I hope Jared is posting her pictures on his blog, gonna go check that out now!