Friday, February 23, 2007

A bit displaced

Just slightly homeless. Homeless in a very brief circumstance, but the homelessness leaves its print no matter how short. Moved out of a home, can't move into a new one until the stupid appraisal gets reviewed or some such nonsense which will take several more days. Meanwhile, we are living with Hannah, Sean and Kayla, who are all turning out to be great housemates. It snowed today. Something tells me it will be snowing in April like it did last year.
I have been staring at my hands today. They are getting wrinkly. There are real permanent grooves forming in these babies. They are looking like my moms always did, a little extra skin on the under side of the fingers. I loved my mom's hands. Not so fond of what my hands are looking like, but I better love it.. these things only get worse. I have a million things to say and only a few hops of energy left in me tonight. I am so grateful for my family. They give me a piece of asphalt to stand on (and in some cases, live in). I see my sister Hannah almost every day. She is my best friend, and I am so grateful for the gift that she is in my life. She's the only one that I'm not embarassed to cry in front of! Anyone of my siblings would be as close if we lived in the same place, I am sure of that. I love all eight of them with a passionate longevity, surpassing nothing except the love I have for my Jakie and my girls.
It's almost midnight... I'm taking the girls to the Children's Museum tomorrow. There's a new one in the Gateway Mall, downtown Salt Lake, that is supposed to be really great. My blogging community really fulfills me in ways I would never expect. Thanks for always reading and being supportive- everyone. Loves.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Florida: Disneyworld and a Wedding.

Grace and Ruby riding the carousel at Disney World's Magic Kingdom. How do you get away with riding rides without pants on? You have to be a kid (and you have to be wearing cheap diapers and have had that cheap diaper leak all over your pants and subsequently, the immaculate floor of a mickey mouse souvenir shop).

This is a photo of me and Grace in front of Grace's first roller coaster ride ever! She loved it!

Left to right: Grace, Alex, Jessie (Jake's sisters), Ashley, Reef, and Oz (Jake's sister-in-law, nephew and brother).

Gracie's beautiful profile while driving along Florida's beautiful highway.. on the way to Disneyworld!

The bride-to-be givin' Gracie a little love.

Alex and Ben fresh from their wedding in the Orlando temple!

Gracie and her little cousin Reef. Can you tell he doesn't like to be held?

Jake surrounded by kids--

I never have been shy about public displays of affection :)

Me and Rubes at the airport...She is wearing a Bears jumpsuit because.. again, her diaper leaked all over her clothes. I need to buy better diapers. We had a great trip!
Thanks to all our family there who are more giving than we deserve.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Little photo treat

Gracie and her Papa Smylie at Clearwater beach last spring. Nana Smylie took the photos and made the montage. Be grateful. I am sparing you the pain of a repetetive photo of me with highlights, every time you open my blog. You're welcome.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

New hair and lovin' it.

This whole blog thing. I love it and I hate it. Mostly love it because it's fun, hate it because it makes me feel underaccomplished. I make myself feel so neglectful that I haven't published in a week. But I won't won't won't feel that way anymore. Release the stress---- there it goes. mm. Now I can finally eat my junk food again. Nothing beats a bowl of popcorn and a Mountain Dew. Well, maybe two bowls of popcorn. They're mini-bags, ok?? Geez.
So someone told me today that I don't look old enough to have two kids. THANK YOU. People that say that should win the lottery. Either that, or they have moms and know how much it means for a woman to hear she looks young. Can't believe I'm at the age where I actually start worrying about that!!

The girls and I are going to Florida next week. Jake will join us on Friday, and his sister will be married in the Orlando temple on Saturday. We're excited. I LOVE Florida. Except there is nothing worse than going to a warm location in the dead of winter. I mean, really. Pluck me from 10 degree weather and put me on the beach and I MIGHT shave my legs, definitely don't have a tan, and look sickly next to every single other Floridian. Half of Jake's family are Floridians. I am going to have to burn the heck out of my skin leading up to the day of the wedding- red is better than white.

Sidenote, went blonde again and plan to continue in that direction. Keeping the brounette brain, just changing the hair. Ha ha ha just kiddin. I shriek at the thought of posting a huge blaring photo of my face, but hey, everyone knows what I look like already, so whatever. Just focus on the hair.