Thursday, November 09, 2006

Trash and more trash.

Ok, I really needed to demote that HUGE picture of my fake smile. Wow. I feel better. Allow me to be shallow and talk some celeb gossip:

Alright, so I feel I need to discuss a few things. Madonna's adoption. So sometimes I think she should have just given the little boy's Dad enough money to be able to raise his son himself in Africa, where his heritage is. The reason why he was in the orphanage in the first place was because the dad didn't have enough money to feed him.

Another thing: I think Nicole Kidman deserves better than marrying an alcoholic...

Um, and I think it's so weird when everyone talks about Angelina and Brad adopting more kids and how it's so great of them and how they keep saying that they could adopt 10 kids and be happy.. Ok, really, who takes care of the kids? Angelina is filming in India and Brad is doing whatever, working on other movies.. the kids must be with nannies a lot, and how could you be working full time and want to adopt even more kids? I'm confused. I just love judging people that can't defend themselves! (Actually, I feel really guilty reading the mags, but I still must).

One last thing. Reese Witherspoon is separating from her husband. That is so sad. She tries so hard to raise her kids and keep everything together.. Virtually NO ONE can keep their marriage together in Hollywood. It's so sad, these people have EVERYTHING and they can't have a family that stays together. We are lucky.

Any thoughts? Don't be shy.


Heidi said...

Hey it's me, Lindsey friend in Reno. Actually, I saw Madonna on Oprah or something and she said she did offer to give the dad money to raise his child in his homeland but he turned her down and told her his child would still lead a better life with her. I mean, hopefully she is telling the truth, but that is the scoop.

I agree about Angelina, celebs don't raise their own children. Her kids will all grow up in a bizarre, unrealistic, twisted environment in Hollywood but I suppose that is better than starving or having no parents... Hopefully their nannies can show them love.

Anonymous said...

Being an alcoholic is kind of like being a diabetic. It´s a disease that you must maintain on a daily basis.

That´s all.

Kelly said...

Amen Sarah! I gotta give you props for this one. I watched Madonna on Oprah too and was thinking the same thing until she said she had offered him money. I feel bad that she got such a bad rap for adopting. I hope it doesn't scare others away from doing it.

Seriously who does raise their children? They are always out and about all over the country childless. Sad I think. Once in a while you'll see one of them with Maddox. But I've yet to see Katie Holmes out with her baby and she seems to be out a lot!

I too was so sad about Reese's breakup. Sounds like it's been rocky for a while and that he's a cheater. What a loser. I will lose all hope in Hollywood marriages if Tim and Faith don't make it! But who knows. After seeing her on the CMA's I'm a little confused about her.

I get too wrapped up in this stuff!

Sarah said...

That's true about alcoholism. I can see that it is a disease. But it can change a person's behavior and ruin a marriage and judging from Nicole's past, being married to Tom Cruise the psycho, and then later marrying Keith Urban, the alcoholic country star.. I don't know, it's a toss up.

And ladies, Thanks for clearing up Madonna's thing. I should have known there was more to the story than People would explain.

And go Tim and Faith! They are the best.

Lindsey Eden said...

Did you forget about Britney and K-Fed! Or I guess they are saying Fed-Ex now.. It's about time she move on.. The poor kids though..

Anonymous said...

i hope madonna wasnt lying about that!

i agree with heidi on the brangelina thing-- its better than starving. i used to be a nanny and i loved those kids w/ all my heart so hopefully they get have nannies that are invested in them. the problem w/ nannies is that eventually we have to move on so the kids don't have stable people in their lives.

ps your blog is absolutely amazing. i'm riveted and have been reading it backwards for a week as though its a novel i can't put down. and i don't even know you :)