Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My gem, Ruby.

She cannot get any cuter. Even the least-biased human being would agree.
Jake and I went on a date tonight. We went to Cafe Rio and shared a chicken quesadilla and chips and salsa. It was DEEE-LISH. We stopped by Old Navy and bought Grace two pairs of jeans. Poor girl, she is going through a growth spurt and doesn't fit into anything she wore last month, and it's getting SO COLD here.
Then we went to Barnes n' Noble and read books there for a couple of hours. I read "How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk", lots about how family upbringing can effect a marriage. I picked it up off the shelf as a joke for Jake to see, but then started to become interested in the material. I also read some excerpts from, "Mindless Eating, etc.". Interesting research on American eating habits. Jake read up on some "High Times" Marijuana magazine, as a joke for me to see. Joke was soon over and he continued with Forbes Magazine "Top 400 richest men in America". Interesting stuff. He really wants to start his own business eventually. I married an entreprenuer, and he married a good speller.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Ruby is adorable! Love the pics. You and Jake are cute. Sounds like a fun night...anything with cafe rio involved has to be. I love mosing aroung bookstores too. could spend hours in them.

Kasey said...

She is SO cute! Sounds like you had a great date. I would just love to go to B&N like you did. Sadly, I love to read, but Matt doesn't like it so much. I don't think he could even sit still for that long!

Kelly said...

Sometimes the best dates are the ones where you actually get to talk and be goofy with each other. Jody always wants to go to a movie but we rarely do because we don't get much bonding in. Ruby is simple adorable! She is such a Medley. I love those pictures. I need your mother-in-law to give me lessons.

I actually have been thinking about bleaching my teeth. I haven't done it for a while and they are looking a little yellow!