Thursday, September 21, 2006

Buy this house!!!

Here are some pictures of our Investment Property... We put it on the market yesterday, For Sale By Owner, and if anyone out there knows anyone who is looking for a house, point them in my direction! This is the same floorplan as we live in, and we love it! We picked out colors/appliances and I think they turned out great.
This home is 4bd, 2ba, 2000 sq ft and we are asking $299,000. It is located in Lehi, UT, East of the Freeway and close to the Alpine Highway.
We'll see how it goes!


Kelly said...

Cute house! I would love to buy it if only:
1. I had the money
2. I lived in Utah!
Good Luck!

Lindsey said...

Love the house! I know Utah house prices have shot up, but that is SUCH a bargain coming from England. So nice. Wish I could pick it up and move it over here!

Kasey said...

Cute! At first I thought it was your house because I remember seeing your pictures of that little nook. I love it and I would buy it for Kelly's reasons too!
Are you home? How was your trip? I'm sure you'll post pics, right?

Celeste Pearson said...

The house is so beautiful! I'll let my house hunting friends know about it.

maren out my laundry said...

Love the house, I wish I could afford it, beautiful you guys did a great job picking out colors and such!