Wednesday, June 28, 2006


So. We're going home. Leaving tomorrow, we'll drive and drive and drive some more. I can't wait until we drive past Willits... onto the Avenue of the Giants. I am going to roll down my window, stick out my tongue and TASTE the air that those redwood trees are exhaling, just for me. Thanks, trees.

My parent's house is what we will see first. I'll walk into it and look up the stairs to a paint chipped wall and some 'curtains' on the windows. Oh, the memories. What a beautiful, used, lived in, living, moist, 3-story house. In Eureka.

We will be spending most of the time in Arcata at my Grandparent's house. A virtual 15-acre jungle gym. With trees, a pond, and my Grandma's garden. Hm... the first things that come to mind are red licorice and making up dances to the Spice Girls with my young girlie cousins. All of us have grown up fast, and now I am bringing my own kids.

First I was a kid, then I was 18 and moving out and not sure where home was anymore. Now I know where home is. It's wherever Jake and my girls are. It's wherever I can lay down at night, on a bed, a pile of grass, a hammock, and lay my head on Jake's chest and talk about our girls. And our life. That is the best feeling in the world.


Lindsey said...

I was just singing a Spice Girls song the other day. It was after I watched an England game and saw Posh Spice rooting for her hubby.

I was trying to remember which song was the one that made them popular. Was it the one "So tell me what you want, what you really really want?"

Have the best time in humboldt! I love what you said about "home" and your girls and Jake. Perfect.

Sarah said...

Yes I believe it was that song. We will miss you Linds. Take care of yourself.

Kelly said...

Hope your having a nice drive home. You must go home a different way then I do. I loved what you said about Jake and your girls. You're a beautiful writer. Can't wait to see you!

mandy haws said...

you need to write a book or two about being a mom.
You honestly made me cry, because that's exactly how I feel I could just never say it like that.

Sarah said...

Oh, thanks Mandy! I'm glad you can read up on us.

Lindsey, I totally get you mixed up with my other fellow blogger Lindsey (also my neighbor). I totally thought that post was from her.