Thursday, June 22, 2006

Beautiful wedding cake.

So. I am sitting on a lovely chair in the back garden of a reception center. I can hear talking and laughing from inside the beautiful hall, and I am taking photos of people here and there, and enjoying myself.
Suddenly my little sister Bethany comes bounding out of the back door of the reception hall and has a very very concerned look on her face. Hm.. I wonder. What could it be? Grace has had an accident in the middle of the room? Grace has spilled juice on the bride's gown? My husband is feeding Ruby a slice of cheesecake?
Oh, no. No, none of those were even close to as bad as the truth really was. Bethany just said, "COME LOOK AT THE CAKE!!!" I thought, oh well Grace probably touched one of the chocolate raspberry cakes that were on the banquet table next to the wedding cake. Well, I posted this picture of Grace's finger marks in the beautiful wedding cake because I just can't quite explain in words how I felt when I saw it. They had to turn the cake around when they were cutting it so they wouldn't see the finger marks in the pictures!!!! This just confirms what I have always known deep down: My children are nuts.


Kelly said...

How funny! Ammon did that to his friends beautiful store bought birthday cake the other day. I guesss it wasn't quite as big of a deal but embarassing none the less!

The White Way said...

That is awesome!! Leave it up to our little angels. I could only imagine what was running through your head. How can you disipline that cute thing.