Monday, May 15, 2006

Our little Gracie

Gracie used to be so little, but she is HUGE now. She's so heavy, I can barely carry her in my arms anymore. She likes to make me be the prince and she gets to be Snow White or any other beautiful princess. No matter the fairy tale, it usually includes her becoming a cat and then falling asleep and I have to kiss her to wake her. Then she shoves some sort of figurine toward me and commands, "Be HER!" Which of course means to make up exciting and eloquent conversations to and from her character. All the while she is correcting me because she has already thought of what I am 'supposed' to say and I rarely read her mind and say it quite right. She loves to drink her cup empty and then go toward Ruby's full juice cup saying, "She wants to trade Mommy!" She was a newborn baby, and then we blinked.

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